Máy bơm nước thải Ebara 76DV7.5

Giá bán: 68,520,000
  • NH01469

Model DV

Product Description

①Special open type vortex impeller permits foreign matter passing the inlet port to be freely discharged.
②As the passage size is uniform from the inlet port to the discharge port, the size of passed foreign matter can be as large as the port diameter.
③4 pole induction motor runs with high torque to enhance foreign matter passing.
④Built-in motor protector (automatic cut-off for model below 7.5kW and thermal protector over 11kW) protects the motor from overload or open phase.
⑤Optional quick discharge connector facilitates easy installation and maintenance.
⑥DVA model permits automatic operation.
   Parallel alternate operation possible with DVA and DVJ model.

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