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5 th Floor, No7, Quoc Tu Giam Streest, Group 55, Van Chuong ward, Dong Da Dict, Ha Noi city.

6 th Floor, CIC Building, 219 Trung Kinh Street, Yen Hoa ward , Cau Giay Dict, Ha Noi city

+84.911.066.518, +84.969.002.382, +84.362.175.593,


1.Design consultant:

- Design and design verification of civil and industrial projects.

Architectural design, master plan, structural design of civil and industrial works.

-Design of ventilation system.

- Design clean room system 10,000 classes, 5,000 classes, 3,000 classes.

-Design of machine cooling system by cooling tower (Cooling tower), by Chiller.

-Design LAN network, switchboard phone, camera system, anti-theft system.

- Designing central air conditioning system VRF of LG, SAMSUNG, TRANE, DAIKIN.

- Design light power system, heavy power system, substation system.

-Design and approval of fire protection systems.

-Design water supply and drainage systems, wastewater treatment systems, purified water filtration systems.

- Design heat recovery ventilation system, exhaust system for machine, factory.

-Designed dust and carbon gas filtration system for the factory.

-Design of air compressor system; Screws, pistons for production.

-Designed vacuum system for CNC machines.

-Establishing 22kv ~ 35kv substations system for projects.

2. Construction work:

- Construction of industrial works, technical infrastructure

- Construction of electromechanical systems for industrial and civil works

- Construction of light electrical system; camera system, sound system, telephone switchboard

Construction of fire protection system, fire alarm system, FM200 gas fire fighting, N2 gas fire extinguishing, CO2 fire extinguishing, Ag gas fire extinguishing ...

- Construction of water supply and drainage systems and sanitary equipment

Construction of VRF air-conditioning system, Chiller air-conditioning system, Clean room air-conditioning system

- Construction of water cooling system cooling by cooling tower

3.Distribution and sales of industrial electrical equipment:

- Trading in industrial and civil electrical equipment; generators, oil transformers, dry transformers, medium voltage equipment, low voltage equipment, vacuum machines, lights, compressors, voltage stabilizers, frequency stabilizers, cure pumps fire, water supply pump, sewage pump, medium voltage cable, low voltage cable, clean room equipment, DAIKIN brands' air-conditioning equipment, LG, SAMSUNG, TRANE, TOSHIBA, projection equipment lighting of all kinds, switchboard audio equipment, camera equipment.