Air fillter x3set

30,000,000 VND

1000 liter capacity tank (1M3)

36,000,000 VND

Specifications of compressed air tank 1000 liters (1 m3)

-Capacity of compressed air tank: 1000 liters

-Height: 2200 mm

-Diameter: 850 mm

-Thickness: 6 mm

-Working pressure: 10 bar 

-Testing pressure: 15 bar

-Maximum working temperature: 100 degrees C

-Structural features: Body pillar, two bases are spherical, vertical or lying type

-Application: contain compressed air.

-Fabrication material: Steel plate SS400 / CT3 / Stainless steel 304 (or other material upon request)

-Quality standards: TCVN 8366: 2010

-Welding technology: arc welding.

-Paint technology: epoxy coating with two layers of anti-rust.

- Air inlet and outlet pipe: threaded or flanged (size on request)  

30HP screw air compressor set

265,000,000 VND

“ The Power behind  the Worl d Industries ! ”

Hanshin’s GRH series is the model that sold more than 2,000 units a year. Since its launch in 1997, the model has sold over 10,000 units. It broke the record of biggest selling single model

in the Korean industry, and is unquestionably “Korea’s top air compressor” in terms of quantity sold.

Hanshin compressors, with the pride of “The power behind the world industries”, are currently being operated in all sizes of industrial fields from large production lines to small neighborhood factories where products with ‘made in Korea’ labels are manufactured.