Máy phát điện MTU 1250kva

Giá bán: 3,150,000,000
  • NH_01217

MP-M Series - Powered by MTU Diesel Engines

Mega Power MP-M series diesel generator sets are powered by MTU diesel engines. Now we are one of the biggest OEM of MTU in China.
MTU is the top engine manufacturer from Germany and famous overseas. And it is also one of few manufacturers who is capable to produce the largest power engine in the world. MTU history can be traced back to the 18th century. Now MTU provides the most endurable and reliable products with the most advanced technology and excellent exhaust and noise control, which is well used for continuous working condition in tough and extreme application, like mining, oilfield, power plant and military etc.
MTU has the 100% owned manufacturing base in Suzhou in China which is also the unique one in Asia besides Germany and USA base. MTU Suzhou factory produces 2000 series engine.

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