Dry transformer-22/0.4kv 1250kva. Dyn11 (AL-AL)

Giá bán: 958,518,000
  • NH_01345

Cast-resin Transformer


       Customized solutions for various applications and needs can be supplied up to maximum voltage of 35kV, and maximum power rating of 30MVA. Safe, silent, and semi-permanent cast-resin transformers of Hyosung Heavy Industries, are suitable for places where installation conditions are limited, where fire prevention is required, and where eco-friendliness, and resistance to harsh environment is critical.

        Having developed the cast-resin transformer for the first time in Korea, Hyosung Heavy Industries received certifications from international bodies, including ISO, and CESI, and received certification for fire-retardancy (F1, 2000), Thermal-Accelerated Degradation (IEEE Std C57.12.60-1998 & RS C 0018-2006, 2008), and seismic resistance (IEEE Std 344-1987, Q-Class) for the first time in Korea, proving capabilities for quality and technology leadership.

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