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FusesMV fuses up to 40.5 kV for indoor and/or outdoor application, commonly known as high-voltage fuses, provide main or back-up protection against overload and overcurrents.Product description Medium voltage current l

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Thông số về cáp: Tiêu chuẩn sản xuất: - IEC 60840 (66KV~150KV) - IEC 62067 (ABOVE 150KV) - AS/NZS 1429.2 - AEIC CS7 Lõi dẫn: Vật liệu lõi dẫn thường là Đồng hoặc Nhôm bện nén tròn hoặc kiểu nén Segments phù hợp với tiêu chuẩn quốc tế IEC 60228 hoặc theo tiêu chuẩn của khách hàng. Cách điện: Vật liệu cách điện được làm từ Polyethylene liên kết ngang siêu sạch:

Máy biến tần ABB (PCS100 AVC-40)


The PCS100 AVC-40 Active Voltage Conditioner is designed for sag correction in commercial and industrial applications. It is available in load capacities from 150 kVA to 3600 kVA with higher ratings available on request.  Continuous protection from the most common utility voltage problems found in modern power networks Even the most modern power networks are not perfect and voltage sags are the most common ca

Máy biến tần ABB(PCS100 AVC-40)


PCS100 AVC-40 Active Voltage Conditioner for sag correction  Voltage Sags – The Problem Modern industries are becoming more automated and the sensitivity of processes to power quality events is increasing. Although utilities endeavor to supply reliable, high-quality power, voltage sags and surges will continue to be a fact of life, even with modern power networks. Even a short event of less than one cycle can cau